Joseph F. Romagnano, PhD

Joe has extensive experience prosecuting patents globally in technology areas including: medical imaging technology, avionics, data display, power transformers, power plants, locomotives, and gas turbines.  Joe also has a particular focus on biotechnology and plant patents. Joe’s legal experience includes the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and General Electric.  He is a graduate of the University Connecticut School of Law and is admitted to practice before the USPTO and in the state of Connecticut.

Prior to his legal career, Joe earned dual Bachelor’s degrees with honors in Biology and Humanities and Arts, and a Master’s in Biotechnology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  While an undergraduate, Joe also studied elemental analysis of sediment cores at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  Joe also worked as an electron microscopy technician at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Core Electron Microscopy Center.   As a Master’s student, Joe completed a project as part of NASA’s Advanced Life Support System Initiative comparing the effects of different modes of nutrient delivery systems on root hypoxia.

Joe received a Ph.D. in plant physiology, crop science as a member of the Crop Physiology Laboratory at Utah State University while funded as a NASA Graduate Student Research Program fellow.  For his dissertation, he studied ethylene synthesis and sensitivity in crop plants.

Following his doctoral work, Joe spent two southern winters in Antarctica serving as the South Pole Food Growth Chamber technician.  He set back-to-back records for overall production and crop diversity.  He also cross-trained as a medical laboratory technician, aircraft traffic control radio operator, power plant operator, waste specialist, demolition crew, and ham radio operator.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys scuba diving and photography.